My Quilts

Despite the amount of time I’ve been at this quilting thing, it’s a little disappointing to admit that I don’t have many quilts to show for it. It takes a long time to make a quilt, particularly when you choose to quilt it yourself. I understand the reason for long arm quilting, but I’m too cheap to pay for something I feel I should do myself. Plus I wanted to learn and develop machine quilting skills so I could make my quilts truly all mine.

This page is a composite of my quilting journey. I hope you enjoy it.

Click on the photos to read the text and learn more.

Bricks and Blocks final

B&B close up final

Texas Flower Garden final

TFG close up final

Eric's quilt

truck designs

Eric's quilt close up final

Ross's quilt

Halloween kids

Ross's quilt motifs

Ross's quilt border

Ross's quilt cut up

Fossil Fern quilt

Fossil Fern close up

table mat

table mat close up

Christmas Buttons quilt

close up of tree

close up of buttons

first pattern1

first pattern2

first pattern3

first pattern4

first pattern5









PN EQ layout




Carpenter's Wreath


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