Unboxing a life

We are slowly getting unpacked. It’s been slow for two reasons:

1) John is back to working long hours during the week and has also worked every weekend since we moved (sometimes both Saturday and Sunday) and

2) locating parts and pieces essential to progress has been like searching for a needle in a haystack.

John putting the legs onto the worktable for my office.

John putting the legs onto the worktable for my office.

You can’t keep unpacking your books or tools if the shelves for them aren’t put together. We finally found the brackets to the shelves for the sewing room, all the components for the kitchen light fixture


and the stereo cables, but are still hunting for the shelf brackets for John’s workshop and the rest of the ceiling fan parts.

In the meantime, I did what I could while John was working overtime and finished the kitchen, butler’s pantry, master bedroom, bathroom and closet, but there is still a lot to tackle.

Rhonda was over this Memorial weekend to crack the whip help figure out where, exactly to place the tables and shelves in the sewing room. I’m really glad she was insistent that this get done as I’ve been feeling pretty overwhelmed and in need of advice.

She also started loading up my pegboard, which was something I was not looking forward to doing. She wasn’t able to finish because we didn’t find all the cutting mats until it was getting late and I didn’t find all the rulers until after she had gone home, but it’s closer to done than I would have gotten it.

While we were working in the sewing room, John installed the TV in it.


I am confiscating the TV we had in our living room in Colorado, and we will get another one sometime in the future for our living room here. For now, he is pretty happy finally having his stereo system up, adjusted and running. We have missed music that doesn’t come out of headphones or earbuds.

I don’t have many pictures because things are still very much in chaos, but I wanted to show you the depression pink glass knobs John installed for me on the closet doors in the sewing room.

close up pink knob

fabric closet doors

I think they will look great with this fabric I found for window coverings:

sewing room fabric1

It’s a woven fabric that looks embroidered, which I thought was perfect for a sewing room, plus I loved all the colors and funky flowers.

sewing room fabric2


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