Change of address

The big moving day was last Monday, May 9, which spilled into Tuesday morning. We moved one year plus one day after the foundation was poured for our house and it’s been quite a journey: one we’re more than glad to be ending.


Things went well; the movers were very friendly and very careful. They pad wrapped all the furniture and shrink wrapped on top of it, so I was happy—until they wrestled the refrigerator into the laundry room where the space for it was so tight, the doors barely opened. The movers jockeyed it back out the door and into the garage where it now sits.

The builder got an email about it the next day, but all we got in return was silence. On Friday evening while picking up Chinese food, John ran into the builder who said he had told his project manager to fix the laundry room cabinets. We were pleased to hear the news, but remain utterly dumbfounded over the lack of communication we’ve dealt with over the last 18 months and are relieved it’s mostly come to an end.

John assembling the work table in his office.

John assembling the work table in his office.

Tomorrow, I return to work for a much needed vacation from moving. I have been the Energizer Bunny (with the bruises to prove it) since the latter part of April, up at 6:30 or 7:00, falling into bed 17 to 18 hours later. Sleep, rise, repeat. My big goal for last week was to get the kitchen cleaned and organized, and by Friday, I had emptied all the kitchen boxes, washed everything and figured out where to put it all.

In the meantime, here is the sewing room:




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