I moved stuff

I’ve been absent from here for a couple of weeks because we finally closed on our house and are getting ready to move. I was surprised at how much time and effort it took to get the details and terms of our homeowners’ insurance policy figured out. After that, it was time to get bids from movers, mowers and pest control, and keep an eye on punch list progress.

It’s been quiet at work these days, so I took two and a half days off Wednesday, Thursday and Friday to move some things down the street to the new house.

Most of it was in plastic storage bins, which in our experience, don’t fare well in a big moving truck, so I wrestled around stacks of boxes (some three and four high) in the bedrooms upstairs to fish as many bins out as possible.

I managed to snag most of the Christmas tree and lights

tree and lights

a bunch of sewing room items

sewing room

more Christmas stuff, craft items, most of the kids’ toys

storage room

and a lot of Tupperware and everything in the pantry.


After three days of jockeying around boxes, loading and unloading the car, and countless trips up and down two sets of stairs, I feel like I’ve spent a week at a cross fit gym—you know, the kind where you don’t do 10 pushups, you do 100.

It might be time for some cross stitching.


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One response to “I moved stuff

  1. Bekah Voight

    You’ve been working SO hard! I hope you’re able to take it a bit easier now 😉

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