The home stretch

Everyone keeps saying, “You’re on the home stretch!” True, but there is still so much needing attention, it feels like we’ll never move. Put another way, our punch list will be huge.

One example is our patio doors; they have been highly abused. The locks no longer turn nicely, the handles are loose, one has gone missing, and the thresholds have been compromised from the subs constantly closing the doors on their electrical cords running from the box in the back yard into the house. Even after we expressed our displeasure, it continued.

The week before last, we were asked to produce the three ceiling fans and two light fixtures we moved from Colorado (all discontinued) so the electrician could install them Monday. Since we don’t know which of our moving boxes they’re in, we said no.

Truthfully, even if we knew where they were, I would not hand them over. I’m fairly annoyed that the builder installed all the light fixtures and the fan for the sewing room as early as he did without taking measures to cover and protect them from drywall dust. We’ve been assured that they will be cleaned like new, but why go to all that extra work when it could’ve been prevented in the first place? The chain holding the entry light fixture starts 20 feet up—who’s gonna stand on a ladder that tall and wipe down every link?

week 47-1

I think the builder is depending on weary, overwhelmed homeowners to say, “Whatever—we don’t care anymore,” and let him off the hook. Fortunately, we’ll have Rhonda in our corner pushing us not to cave.

In the meantime, the security gates were installed

week 47-2

week 47-3

and the landscaping was finished.

In the front yard, we went for pretty, but minimal with a mixture of gardenias, camellias and dianthus.

week 47-4

In the back, we went bare bones with sod and have no plans to add shrubs or trees later. For us, it all boils down to minimizing pruning, raking, gutter clean out and blowing debris off the roof. Maintenance here in the tropics where everything grows 24/7 – 365 is a relentless pursuit, something we’re not willing to commit to that much.

Unloading sod.

Unloading sod.

Inside, the painters began the tedious work of cutting in the wall paint.

week 47-6


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