Change orders

We went into our house building adventure believing that we would be thorough and competent enough to avoid change orders, those pesky revisions you wish you would’ve anticipated better, sooner.

Yeah, that didn’t happen.

The first change we asked for occurred while the carpenters were installing the beams in the living area off the kitchen. When we saw they were too much for the room, we asked them to stop, tear out what had been installed and not to put any in the bedroom.

Too much.

Too much.

Much better.

Much better.

After that, we thought we were cool—mmm, not so fast.

In January, I was beside myself after seeing the finish on the bathroom vanity lights.


I liked these fixtures so much, I specified them for every bathroom. I spent hours online confirming the decision and never wavered. Then we chose our tile and I switched all the bathroom faucets and handles from brushed nickel to polished chrome. In doing so, I lost sight of the big picture, not remembering at all that the finish on the lights was not polished chrome. Chalk it up to making decisions in a vacuum, months apart from each other and failing to keep up.

To make matters worse, the electricians had irretrievably tossed all the boxes and packing materials into the dumpster. It was then we learned that we could not return them for credit minus a restocking fee without the original boxes.

Amazingly, I found more suitable lights in fairly short order—ones that were not available when I was searching in 2014.


I hope to sell the others on Craigslist or eBay. Wish me luck.

The other change order was to replace the Hardie material with cedar for the columns on the front porch. We didn’t think much about the Hardie until the columns were painted, but the first time we saw them, we were completely underwhelmed. Boring. Blah. Are those columns? Why even have columns? They did not look good.

Hardie columns

I uploaded a photo of the house to the Sherwin-Williams website and blew a Sunday afternoon re-painting the columns with other colors from our palette—without success. Finally, through digital magic, I painted them cedar and John and I agreed that we had to re-do.

cedar columns

Since we missed the mark of zero change orders, is it now acceptable to boast that we only had three?


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