Bricks and holes

It’s hard to see it through all the dust and dirt, but the brick border for all the flatwork was finished last week.

Front walk.

Front walk.

Right after the driveway was poured, I drove by the house on the way to work and saw a guy unloading a palette of bricks and laying them along the perimeter of the front walk. Great, except they were the wrong bricks.

Front porch.

Front porch.

I notified the builder and the job was delayed about a week while he tried to get the correct bricks from his supplier. Oh well, it was one less thing to tear out, which in this case would’ve required a jackhammer and even more downtime.

Back yard pavilion.

Back yard pavilion.

Inside, the electricians, HVAC and data crews have been wreaking havoc installing kitchen appliances, thermostats and alarm.

In pursuit of all these installations, we were gifted with lots and lots of holes in the walls and ceilings, like this

week 46-4

and this

week 46-5

and this

week 46-6

and this.

week 46-7

In the middle of the week, the heat was running upstairs and the A/C was on downstairs, except for the master bedroom which felt like a blast furnace. On top of that, the humidity level was around 60 percent, which made us wonder if the dehumidifier was functioning.

To top things off, with all the drywall repair on the horizon, as well as the painting of all the walls, someone thought it would be a genius move to, #yestheyreallydidit, install all the carpet.



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  1. Rhonda

    Honestly – do they not understand the concept of coordination? The holes in gypsum board is totally uncalled for on all levels. I feel your pain.

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