A tale of two sewing rooms: part I

Note: All comments about the products featured below are strictly my own opinion.

After much deliberation, Rhonda made the decision to switch the purposes of her two spare bedrooms. What was her office


became the guest room and the guest room (the bigger of the two) became her dedicated sewing/craft/office space.


In July, we emptied both rooms and then pushed all the furniture up and down the hallway to its new location.


We set up three bookcases (two with drawers) and decided what items should go where. After much sifting, sorting, debating, agonizing, reminiscing and less tossing than I would have done, Rhonda progressed in the setup of her new space to the point where there would be no going back, and it was a wonderful thing.


The biggest bookcase (left) stands against an interior wall, facing the large window on the front of the house. The green and white storage containers hold magazines, tear sheets from magazines and patterns sourced online. The boxes hold photos, yo-yos and keepsakes from her grandmother.

The boxes on the corner shelf hold sewing machine accessories, quilt patterns, idea books from a now-closed quilt shop, greeting cards, and miscellaneous crafting items.

The chair was purchased at a neighborhood yard sale for $20. The yellow fabric draped over it was given to Rhonda by an elderly woman who was cleaning out her sewing room in an effort to downsize. Rhonda doesn’t much care for the yellow fabric but put it there because she hates the fabric on the chair even more.

Here is the cute fabric that will go on the chair once it’s re-covered:


The big window faces the wall with the big bookcase. It has a nice long, deep shelf for plants, photos and ruler storage.


On the far right, Rhonda’s rulers rest in a vintage toast rack found at a charity resale shop run by nuns. She doesn’t remember exactly what she paid for it, but her limit for items like this is $10 or less.


We were both amazed at the amount of natural light coming into the room, making the space bright and cheerful. That single feature holds a lot of promise for some seriously fun sewing and quilting; when the lighting is this good and you can really see your work, everything becomes easier.

The only issue was that Rhonda’s new (used) sewing machine had no place to be.

At the quilt festival in October, we visited several vendor booths offering sewing machine cabinets and tables and she found one she liked at Tracey’s Tables. It was delivered Saturday and it is fabulous.


The table is 36 inches tall and made of white melamine with solid oak trim. With both leaves down, it measures 60 wide x 23 deep. With both leaves up, the surface area expands to 77 x 40.

Rhonda wasn’t excited about the size of the foot pedal box on display at the quilt show and asked the vendor to enlarge hers from 16 x 10 to 16 x 20 and he agreed. When he delivered hers, he told her he’s now making them all 16 x 20.


The free-standing drawer unit measures 22.5 wide x 20.5 deep. It features soft close drawers and a pull out shelf. If extra space is required in the room, the unit can be rolled and tucked under the left side of the table.


Rounding out the room makeover was a closet upgrade from the Container Store. One side of the closet holds clothes; the other side (photo below) is for sewing and craft items, including fat quarters, charm packs, batting, cutting mats, project bins, thread, UFOs and her sewing machine carrying case.


What could be better than a sewing room like this? Well, quite possibly, the sewing room in the house next door. I’ll cover another former neighbor’s sewing room in future post.



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2 responses to “A tale of two sewing rooms: part I

  1. Rhonda

    One more quick comment…
    None of this would have been possible without the many long weekends of help from you. Thanks! 🙂
    Now let the sewing begin.

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