House fatigue

There has been lots of activity at the job site in the past two weeks, but I took a break from posting anything because I (we) have a bad case of house fatigue. The best thing I can compare it to is when you’re in your final weeks of pregnancy and you’re thinking, “Come out NOW!”

After our meeting addressing the work stoppages caused by tile shortages, the project manager made good on his promise to accelerate our schedule. Subcontractors have descended on the house: electricians, plumbers, painters, the tile guy, the door company, the electric company, the cabinet company and the HVAC crew.

The gas lanterns were installed on the front of the house.

week 42-1

The front and side entry doors were installed.

week 42-2

week 42-3

We were really pleased with the way the doors turned out, until John found a hairline crack running all the way across the front door, inside and outside.

week 42-4

The lights on the garage were installed (these are electric):

week 42-5

The ceiling fan on the exterior balcony ceiling is in (although they’re going to have to take it down or cover it when they stain the V-board). I’m less than enthusiastic with the sequence of events during a build.

week 42-6

The shutters were painted yesterday.

week 42-7

On the inside, cabinet doors were finally made for the shallow space at the end of the big kitchen island.

week 42-8

The washtub was hooked up in the laundry room. It’s plastic, which I’m okay with, but there’s no reinforcement along the rim so it sags where the faucet sits.

week 42-9

We considered substituting something sturdier like stainless steel, but we’d pay an arm and leg for something smaller than what is there now. John is thinking about how to reinforce that area, as well as how to stabilize it. I talked to the project manager about it, and he would like to find a solution as well, but advised against drilling holes in the wall so close to a water source.

The white glass tile finally came in, and it was set and grouted last week.

week 42-10

We became officially civilized with the installation of all the toilets.

week 42-11

Fixtures are in for the master bathroom

week 42-12

and the upstairs bathrooms.

week 42-13

Here’s the interior door hardware.

week 42-14

The entryway light fixture was hung.

week 42-15

The cabinet knobs and drawer pulls were poorly installed. Check where the bubble is in the level pictured below.

week 42-16

John was disgusted and Rhonda groaned when I told her about it. Also, some of the door handle plates are not straight, which means we’ll be taking a level to all of those as well and marking the crooked ones with blue painter’s tape.

We’ll be calling this to the builder’s attention along with concerns about the skill level of the person who returns to fix everything. We don’t want the doors and drawers compromised with a bunch of drilled and filled holes when all it takes is a jig to get your holes in the same place on every one.

The biggest issue the past two weeks involved the master bathtub. The plumbers managed to successfully hoist and wrestle the tub into the marble deck cutout.

week 42-17

They had added some concrete underneath to level and set the tub. As the tub settled into the hardening concrete, the weight of it cracked the marble on two corners.

While we were in Colorado last week, the project manager had the cracks repaired. Unfortunately, they were highly visible, so Friday, I made a trip over to the stone yard to tag another slab for attempt #2. We were lucky there were still slabs of the same material available.

week 42-18

There’s more, but I’ll cover it another post.


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