Happy New Year 2016

Happy new year, everyone!

Work on the house continues at a snail’s pace because we’re waiting for the rest of the tile to come in due to an insufficient amount being ordered the first time around. The tile installer is plenty frustrated because he is paid by the job and needs to wrap up ours so he can get to his next one. We fully expect that he will move to his next gig before ours is done, which will result in additional delays for us, but we get it: he has to make money, and he has already burned up a lot of time waiting for tile.

Our meeting with the builder about the tile shortages and work stoppages netted us an apology and a promise to accelerate the schedule as much as possible but never at the expense of doing a good job. What we really wanted was for the builder to say that there would be a review of his internal process that would lead to better tile estimating outcomes for future clients, but that did not happen.

We were also promised an updated occupancy date since February no longer seems realistic. We’re hoping it won’t take a full year to birth a house (May 8 was our slab pour).

In the meantime, more of the blue glass tile got delivered so the installer was able to start the master shower last week.

week 39-1

The blue tile will get a blue/gray colored grout and the white tile will get a bright white grout.

week 39-2

The tile guy is also supervising a couple of people who installed the brick on the exterior of the house in the installation of stone around the interior fireplace. Apparently, he is better at stone work than the masons the builder employs.

We liked the floor plan of our Colorado house so much, we asked the architect to incorporate as much of it as possible into our Houston house. One feature we liked was the see-through fireplace that straddled the wall between the kitchen and living room. You get the benefit of enjoying a fireplace in two rooms while only having to purchase one. In the photos below, the empty space you see above the fireplace is reserved for the mantel, another item we’re waiting for.

This is the kitchen side of the fireplace.

This is the kitchen side of the fireplace.

This is the living room side of the fireplace.

This is the living room side of the fireplace.



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