Lucky for us, the tile installer is fairly OCD: he is attentive to trim, edge treatments, stopping points, centering, leveling, corner turning, mitering, overlaps, grout lines, and match points—many of the details we tend to in quilting.

Tile for the balcony off the sewing room is set.

week 35-1

We chose it because it looks like weathered wood right out of the box. It also has a raised texture which creates an anti-slip surface, helpful in Houston’s rainy, damp climate.

The back splashes on the refrigerator wall in the kitchen were completed,

week 35-2

but the one on the oven wall is only partially finished because the installer ran out of tile. Not sure how that happened with the detailed drawings Rhonda created, but it did.

week 35-3

John is also convinced that there is not enough tile for some of the other areas, and the builder and tile installer will discover that sometime next week.

One more shower pan was installed upstairs, as well as all the shower seats. One interesting tidbit: Our builder does not frame shower seats; in fact, one had been created during framing and the project manager ripped it out. Last week, the tile installer built the seat out of  cinder blocks. It was explained that cinder block holds up better in the long run, and with the rainy, humid climate here, it makes sense.

week 35-4

The best part about last week was finally seeing the first of the decorative tile being set in one of the upstairs bathrooms.

week 35-5

The large rectangular tiles measure 12″ x 36″. They will be paired with these tiny ⅝” tiles, a mixture of glossy and matte glass tiles along with a white stone.

week 35-6



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3 responses to “Tile

  1. Ross Dobitz

    Those stained cabinets though…

  2. Bekah Voight

    It’s looking great!

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