Roof, more paint, and tile

Last Monday the decorative metal roofs were installed:

week 34-1

On Tuesday, the tile guy was hard at work prepping the upstairs shower for the installation of the shower pan.

week 34-2

He also did the same for the master shower. Both showers have been full of water for several days, and we suspect it’s to check for leaks in anticipation of an inspection.

He positioned the tile on the wall behind the washtub (not in yet) in the laundry room

week 34-3

and started the rangetop backsplash wall in the kitchen.

week 34-4

By the end of the week, the wall looked like this:

Sorry for the hot spot in the middle of the photo.

Sorry for the hot spot in the middle of the photo.

All the tile will be dry set, which means we get a chance to check all the layouts before grout is added.

This is where the look we want begins to emerge, with the white backdrop for the medium brown cabinets giving us the high contrast we like.

week 34-6

The backsplash consists of 12 x 12 field tile set on point with 2 x 2 squares positioned at all the corners. It looks so simple, but it was long road getting here. After looking at dozens of tile backsplash photos and studying the examples in all the showrooms we visited, I still hadn’t found anything that stood out and said Do this in your kitchen.

Rhonda was the one who sifted through all the tile samples John and I had collected and suggesting pairing the two. I liked the idea, but was unsure about the difference in the finish of the tiles: one is matte; the other is glossy.

week 34-7

She assured me it would add interest to the design. She drew the grid in AutoCAD and positioned it so that a whole 12 x 12 tile was centered just the right distance from the bottom of the range hood. What would we do without her?

Later in the week, the 24 x 24 tile was laid in two bathrooms upstairs

week 34-8

and the half bath downstairs.

week 34-9

I chose a 24 x 24 size for all the floors getting tile in order to minimize the number of grout lines. A bonus was that the manufacturer of this tile offered a 12 x 6 base tile, the perfect size to go with the wider wood baseboards running through the rest of the house.

Outside, the floor of the balcony off the sewing room was prepped for tile. We chose a rustic looking tile found at Home Depot that looks like wood.

week 34-10

And the ever-burning question is

What was the rush to submit our tile selections nine months ago (remember, we were even late doing so) when the tile quote didn’t surface until five months ago and installation didn’t begin until just last week? For us, the hurry up and wait thing has done nothing but invite second guessing on our part and trigger memory failure in the builder’s rep.


The painters finished priming the exterior siding and sprayed on our three neutral color choices. We’ve eliminated the one on the right and will likely go with the one on the left. In the meantime, we had second thoughts (this is what happens when you are forced to make decisions one year in advance) about painting the cedar corbels that support the metal roof. Instead, we asked the painter to stain them to match the front door.

We’re awaiting HOA approval of our shutter color.

week 34-11

John became concerned that our exterior light fixtures might not fit in the existing spaces, so he used Adobe to frame and size the .pdf image of the fixture and printed it actual size on the plotter at work. It’s a tight fit, but it should work.

Thanks for checking in!


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