In which: we are trend setters

Cabinets are stained; ceiling is texturized and painted; doors, trim and baseboards are all painted; and walls are primed in a diarrhea yellow, although I must admit it’s a nice change from months of drywall gray. The construction site that is our house is slowly transitioning into a home with a unique personality.

Before submitting our consolidated list of exterior color choices to the painter earlier in the week, I was cruising around the Sherwin Williams website and stumbled upon this announcement about our interior wall color choice:


I showed it to John and we had a good laugh. So right now, in 2015, we are ahead of the times, trend setters even, but come January 1, 2017, our paint color will be so last year. The only marketing hype accurate statement written about the color white (in its dozens of versions) was this:

On the face of it, white walls are as simple and safe as it gets, the last refuge of the color-phobic.

Yep. That’s us in a nutshell. But what I’ll tell everyone is that I needed a neutral backdrop for hanging quilts – which won’t even be a total lie.

On Saturday, we had our walk through meeting with the tile installer, who is scheduled to start Tuesday or Wednesday next week. We are anxious to see the transformation that will take place as more and more drywall is covered, along with the floor.



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