Cross stitch = therapy

My house building sentiment for this past week: ARRRGHGHGH!

We submitted our stain sample to the builder more than 90 days ago on August 5. We’re not sure why the builder waited until the stain crew started our job to begin a sample on an actual cabinet door, but by the end of the week we were mired in a who’s-on-first scenario, followed by a request for additional money because it was “last-minute,” (no kidding, but not our problem), ending with a complete over-reaction by our rep who insisted we re-submit everything we’d communicated so far on the subject of stain and paint.

Thank goodness for cross stitch!

When the boys were home last summer, they were good sports and helped move boxes around upstairs so I could locate one that had cross stitch supplies. It didn’t take long before I found a kit I’d purchased several years ago called Olivia’s Garden Quilt by Linda Bird. I prepped the ground cloth, 28-count antique white Cashel Linen, and stitched a tiny bit of the border. Unfortunately, we were so busy with the house then, nothing more happened with it.

In the last four to six weeks, however, I’ve been stitching a fair amount on the weekend and a few evenings after work. I am really enjoying my therapy time: unplugged, quiet, peaceful. Today, I finally decided I had a big enough section completed to share with you:

cross stitch


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