Doors and drawers everywhere

After much back and forth between us and the builder, stain was applied to the cabinets last week, followed by a sanding sealer. We were told that next week a full crew will be busy sanding everything in preparation for the final finish coat of polyurethane.

Here is a photo looking into the kitchen.

week 31-1

The stain looks darker than it really is because all the windows are masked, significantly dimming any natural light that manages to sneak through.

This picture of the mud room offers a better representation of the color because it was close to an open door:

week 31-2

The stain color appears different in each photo shared today, depending on which room was being photographed, but the truest color representation can be seen in this one of a drawer front (pardon the hot spot from the flash):

week 31-3

We are going for a rich, medium brown color. In contrast, the brown cabinets will reside against white walls, white tile backsplashes, almost-white countertops and a light (natural) hardwood floor. We looked at tons of kitchen photos and kept gravitating to the ones with high contrast between the materials used, so that’s what we’re attempting here.

In the meantime, cabinet shelves, doors and drawers are everywhere: In the kitchen,

week 31-4

the sitting room off the kitchen,

week 31-5

week 31-6

the living room,

week 31-7

the dining room and master bedroom (not shown).

week 31-8

In addition to staining all the cabinets, staining was begun on the stair components:

week 31-9

The treads, newel post caps, handrail and baluster base (on the second floor) will be stained to match the floor. Risers, newel posts and balusters will be painted white.

Until next time, thanks for checking in!


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