We went to the Quilt Festival

Yesterday, Rhonda and I went to the quilt festival with two other quilting friends. In spite of our intentions to get there when the doors opened, we had to delay our trip downtown due to the rain which was coming down in sheets and buckets. By the time we got there, we had no time to waste.

Rhonda was on a mission this year. She had made the decision to look for a real, honest-to-goodness sewing cabinet—something where the bed of her machine sits flush with the table top. At our first stop we saw a nice cabinet with some nice features. Good, but she wanted to shop more. We headed to the next booth and saw a nice cabinet, but all the sales people were busy, so we walked to the third vendor and it was there she found what she was looking for:

sewing cabinet

The table has two extension leaves: one on the back that runs the entire length of the table (5 feet) and a small one on the side to support a top when adding borders or binding or when machine quilting. The table also comes with a portable three-drawer storage unit with a pull-out shelf. I just know she’s going to love it and will really appreciate it once it’s all set up.

The bonus? When we sew at her house, there will be a place for me!

Beyond that, it was fun doing something quilty again, after more than a year away from it. I didn’t go hog wild, just found a few things:

quilt show finds

  • A spool of 70-weight YLI cotton piecing thread. I have doubts about this thread being strong enough for piecing, but I was super curious so I’m going to give it go.
  • Stencils in two sizes of the basket weave pattern.
  • Homespun plaids. I’m thinking the black would look good in my Aunt Grace Halloween quilt if I ever finish the design.

black plaid

As usual, the quilts were jaw dropping; many for which I would almost go to prison, just to have them in my possession! Notice I said “almost.”

Not much got accomplished on the house this week—more caulking, sanding and masking in preparation for staining the cabinets. In the meantime, there are a lot of little things that need fixing or adjusting and it’s a matter of scheduling the subs to come out and do them.

The ceiling drywall in the kitchen was patched where the beams we decided against were torn out.

The can light in the pavilion was moved so it would be centered on the fireplace:

week 30-1

Also, when the masons laid the brick for the outdoor fireplace, they covered the connection for the TV. (We won’t be installing a TV out there; we only added the capability to do so for resale value).

We averted disaster and finally found a suitable interior wall paint color and also nailed down the color and finish for ceilings and trim.

week 30-2

The second floor balcony rail was installed:

week 30-3

And it’s still raining….



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2 responses to “We went to the Quilt Festival

  1. Rhonda

    Thanks for spending part of your valuable time with me looking for the perfect sewing table. I cannot wait for us to sew together on my new table. I will keep you posted on the delivery date. You must be at the house for delivery. 

  2. You’re welcome. It was fun spending the day together and seeing what’s new in sewing cabinets. You are going to love yours and yes, I’ll make every effort to be there when it’s delivered!

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