Vacation day and cabinet doors

On Friday I took a day off work so I could go off and be by myself. Sleep has been elusive lately, and I wanted a day to sleep in, hit the bike trail, and pedal out some of my house building stress and frustration. We’ve been at this for more than a year and have another third of a year to go (so we’ve been told) before it will be over. Since I am not the Calgon-take-me-away type, a bike ride was the perfect thing. After the ride, I went home, cleaned up, had some lunch, and worked on a cross stitch project for the rest of the day in complete peace and quiet. It was heaven, and, of course, I wished every Friday could be like that.

Here is this week’s update:

The cedar boards delivered last week

week 22-1

were cut and shaped into a support structure for a decorative metal roof that will be installed by the front door.

week 22-2

Cabinet doors were installed in preparation for staining.

week 22-3

week 22-4

week 22-5

And to keep things mixed up, we noticed another gaping vent hole in the exterior of the house.

week 22-6

It’s routed from an upstairs bathroom and we’re wondering why in the world the HVAC crew didn’t run it up through the roof (since it was right there in front of above them)?

We added it to the list.


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