Everybody left

It looks like the trim carpenters wrapped up their work at the house this week, since we didn’t have to jockey around table saws, fans and radios or step over extension cords, hand tools, piles of sawdust and mountains of wood scraps when we visited the house today.

week 20-1

Trim work around the stairs was completed:

week 20-2

week 20-3

The cabinet for the downstairs half bath was installed:

week 20-4

A whole lot of cabinet drawers were made:

week 20-5

The curved section of the master tub surround was shaped and installed:

week 20-6

week 20-7

Windows were trimmed in the dining room

week 20-8

and the office/sewing room.

week 20-9

Plywood decking was installed in the kitchen and mud room in preparation for counter tops:

week 20-10

week 20-11

Outside, the brick layers completed work on the arches for the section over the driveway:

week 20-12



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4 responses to “Everybody left

  1. Jo Ginther

    Wow!! Looks like you’re coming down the homestretch!! I bet you can’t wait! Won’t be long now.

  2. Looks like it’s going to be a spectacular home. Congratulations!

    • Thanks, Jewel. We’ve wanted to do this for a long time, and now, at our age, we are finally able to–better late than never! It’s been quite the experience.

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