Makin’ stuff

Shaping of the handrail for the curved portion of the upstairs balcony was begun last week. This is the area where it will go:

week 17-1

A template was cut from a thin sheet of fiberboard, using the floor of the upper balcony as a tracing. After cutting the shape, vertical forms were screwed to the floor, guided by the edge of the template.

week 17-2

In high stress areas of the shape, angle braces were added, also attached to the floor with screws.

The handrail is fashioned from multiple thin wood strips laminated with a special glue.

week 17-3

When the glue is applied and still wet, it allows the strips to slide against each other without breaking while the handrail is being bent and contoured into the desired shape.

week 17-4

Once the desired shape is achieved, the handrail is clamped to the vertical forms and left to dry.

week 17-5

After a week, the handrail was unclamped and installed.

week 17-6




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2 responses to “Makin’ stuff

  1. Jo Ginther

    Looks fabulous! I want one. It is beautiful.

  2. I hope you will come visit!!

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