Mortar, sawdust everywhere

After a week of zero activity, things are in high gear at the job site.


The issue with the vents coming out of the front of the house is unresolved, yet brick now runs across the entire left side of the house where the vents are.


The builder assured us that the vents would be re-directed, but we’re stunned (and frustrated) at the potential amount of brick, mortar and Tyvek that will be sacrificed for the sake of the schedule, which exists solely in the builder’s head, as we’ve never seen it despite having asked for one.


In no way do we understand this business.

On a calmer note, all the interior doors were delivered this week:



And work began on baseboards and trim:




The downside is that we no longer have access to the house after hours. Once the table and miter saws were moved in, along with oscillating tool kits, sanders, power drills, air compressors, nail guns, levels and a slew of other hand tools plus a boatload of lumber, all the doors and windows are shut and locked at night.





In the meantime, the garage door was installed, although it came with the wrong windows—sigh.


And after months of pressure to choose interior paint color for walls and trim, we finally sent our color choices to the builder, inquiring about finishes in the process. We were told, “Flat on the walls; satin enamel on trim” and were directed to the finish tab in the paint deck for a comparison:


We asked for clarification and were told, Flat on the walls, satin enamel on trim.”

And so it goes.

Then there was this:



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