College apartment and peaches

We trekked back to Colorado this week to help move Ross into his first college apartment.


We eagerly donated to the cause—you know, stuff you decided long ago not to give up because the kids might need it someday? Well, that someday finally came and we offloaded dishes, glasses, silverware, bookshelves, kitchen towels, bath mat, lamps, etc.

This carpet cleaner, however, was not donated; Ross stole it.


That’s probably just as well in the long run. Here in climate controlled storage where we currently live, there is no carpet anywhere on the first floor, so even if the cleaner was here, it would never get used.


His apartment is about two and a half miles from campus, an easy bike ride in good weather; on snowy, rainy and otherwise cold days, campus busses pick up in two spots within the complex every five minutes.

They guys rented a three-bedroom unit.


All units come furnished with a sofa, chair, coffee table and a kitchen table with four chairs. The kitchen has a refrigerator, stove, double sink, and plenty of cabinets and counter space.

There are three bathroom sinks in the middle of the apartment, flanked by a shower on one side and water closet on the other.


In addition to a key for the apartment, each roommate has a key to his own bedroom.


Here are the roommates gathering for their kitchen orientation where they decided which shelf in the refrigerator each one would get.


Later that night, they were scheduled to sit down and work out how they would arrange to pay their utility bills. Our baby is growing up!

And on our way out of town, we scored two boxes of Colorado peaches because it would be a shame to waste a trip to Colorado in August by going home peachless.



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