White now, not wood

The drywall scrap pile sitting next to our overflowing dumpster seems to indicate that the crew has finished nailing it all up.

week 13-1

Garbage duty continues, however, with visits to the house every night after work to fish water bottles, pop cans and other assorted drink containers out of the walls and off the floors, tossing them into a growing heap next to the side entry door.

Also found in a corner of the fireplace framing was—get this—a non-stick skillet coated with food and an empty propane container—yech. You can’t make this stuff up.

In filing this week’s photos, it was nice to see another building material besides wood—take a look:

week 13-2

Looks like someone hit a water line when installing drywall in the master bathroom.

week 13-3

The duct for the range hood does not appear to be centered, but we were very politely told “not to worry” in a meeting two weeks ago, and that all will be fixed.

week 13-4

Those are not comforting words for an OCD detail person like me and a meticulous engineer like John. What kind of a test is this?

Here is the kitchen/living area…

week 13-5

…and the kitchen/living area photographed from the other direction:

week 13-6

Here’s the sewing room…

week 13-7

…and the sewing room photographed from the other direction:

week 13-8

John’s workshop:

week 13-9


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