Insulation and a tiny bit of drywall

The house is now insulated—about three weeks after the originally scheduled date. The delay turned out to be a good thing as it allowed us to sweep and vacuum in stages, and avoid all-day marathon episodes like the one I blogged about here.

John and I made two final trips to the house twice last week to finish sweeping and vacuuming the floors and framing for the interior walls. We also tidied up messes made in places that had been cleaned previously.

Finally, that part is behind us and we now have snowy white fluff between the studs and fiberglass batts everywhere else.

week 12-1

The white fluff is called AsureR. It is spun glass that has a water activated glue. The insulation is slightly wet when blown into the wall cavities where it sticks and dries. Because it’s sprayed, it fits nicely in and around the wires, plumbing and electrical boxes in your walls. The product contains millions of pockets to trap air, giving it an advantage over standard fiberglass batts and blown-in cellulose.

We requested sound insulation between the living room and master bedroom

week 12-1

and between the utility and dining rooms.

week 12-3

The builder took things a step further as part of his standard, by insulating every bathroom to make the house as quiet as possible.

week 12-4

We were also surprised to find the office/sewing room insulated and guessed it was because the room was originally labeled on the plans as theater/sewing.

week 12-5

While we didn’t spec insulation there, we understood the logic, given the room’s proximity to three bedrooms—which proves you can’t think of everything.

Late last week, we discovered that the plumber had installed the wrong tub, giving us a huge wake up call that it falls upon us to verify every single item placed into our house—not so easy to do with a generic-looking, upstairs bathtub, but at least we caught it.

On Thursday, a guy with a jackhammer tore a hole in the utility room so the plumber could install the lines for the floor drain.

week 12-6

It was specified in the original plans but no one caught it until after the slab pour.

week 12-7

On Saturday, a three-man drywall crew began work upstairs, although not much got done, as I’m fairly sure they shut things down early due to the blazing heat we’re having. I don’t blame them one bit; this heat is not fit for human consumption.

week 12-8


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