Scrape out

I am so glad to have an exhausting week behind me. In preparation for insulation last Thursday, I spent all day Sunday; Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday evenings; and half a day on Tuesday removing all the construction debris from between the 2 x 6s on all the exterior walls and sweeping the big chunks off the floor so that none of it would get pushed back into the walls. Naturally, the insulation date got rescheduled for this Tuesday.

John thought I was crazy for doing this, particularly with the heat index above 100 degrees—until I listed all the things that will not reside in our walls into perpetuity:

  • wood, all sizes
  • wood shavings
  • sawdust
  • nails
  • screws
  • c-clamps
  • roof decking clips
  • caulk blobs
  • string
  • duct insulation
  • window edge protectors
  • saw blades
  • U staples
  • plumbing parts
  • plumbing protection plates
  • pieces of blue electrical boxes
  • electrical wire snippets
  • paper
  • cardboard
  • plastic utensils
  • pop cans
  • water bottles
  • food wrappers
  • orange peels
  • cantaloupe rind
  • banana peel
  • chicken bones
  • dirt (well, there will always be dirt, just less of it)

Otherwise, progress on the house continues, albeit slow.

The floor electrical boxes were installed in the sewing room:

week 10-1

Framing around the arch in the dining room window was completed:

week 10-2

week 10-3

Ditto for the window in the sewing room/office:

week 10-4

More siding was installed on the second story:

week 10-5

The black venting panels between the rafters were installed in the storage room. They work like little chimneys, directing air from the soffit vents into the attic to keep it cool.

week 10-6

On Wednesday, the upstairs bathtub appeared. This was unexpected, as the tub sits against two outside walls that require insulation.

week 10-7

Two days later, fire blocking was installed.

week 10-8

We became very concerned because now there was no way to pack insulation into the walls behind the tub. Up to this point, we’d kept quiet, but after seeing the fire blocking, we emailed the project manager.

Work to reposition the interior fireplace to bring it flush with the wall was begun early in the week, but by Friday, part of it had been ripped out. Don’t know what’s going on there; probably don’t want to.

week 10-9

week 10-10



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5 responses to “Scrape out

  1. jo ginther

    I can’t wait to see the drywall put on. It is all looking amazing!!! It is going to absolutely beautiful! What planning!!

  2. Rhonda

    An exhausting week at your house and an exhausting weekend on my green room switch-a-roo. Thanks so much for all your help especially when you were so tired from the “scrape out”.

  3. Yours was fun–with the added bonus of air conditioning!

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