Shingles—the roof kind, not the chicken pox kind

On Wednesday evening, after a high-intensity day at work, we visited the house and were surprised to see the roofing crew hard at work, banging away.

week 9-1

A break from rain the last two weeks has allowed the house to dry, alleviating our concerns about mold, and giving the crew time to complete the installation in two days.

week 9-2

week 9-3

In the meantime, construction doors (with locks) are about to go in, so the frames for the front and side doors were installed.

week 9-4

We were disappointed that the side door frame was installed in the master bedroom and will have to be moved. Does anyone ever talk to anyone else—ever? It’s hard to believe that a two-minute phone call to the builder to verify one installation location is more bother than returning to the job site for a do-over, yet it happens time and again.

week 9-5

The good news is that the stain job looked great and we were especially happy for proof that we’d made the right color decision.

The window at the stair landing was installed,

week 9-6

and the electric guys did their thing:

week 9-7

After a failed attempt last week, the fireplace was installed, but at our first walk through with the project manager yesterday, we learned about an issue that could impact the stone surround.

week 9-8

The fireplace is recessed in the space, requiring that area to be built up to bring it flush with the wall in order to create a flat surface for the stonework.

By then, it was 9:00 a.m. We’d been at it for two hours, were tired from an exhaustive work week and wilting from the heat. I remember the project manager mentioning re-framing (again), trusses, structural engineer and adding a cast stone surround (ick). In the end, the issue belonged to the builder, so we’re on hold until all the options are sorted out.

week 9-9


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