Crazy busy

There was tons of activity at the house this week, most of which was neither pretty nor interesting, like HVAC,

week 8-1

week 8-2

week 8-3


week 8-4


week 8-5

a bit of re-framing to enlarge the space for the fireplace,

week 8-6

week 8-7

and siding.

week 8-8

One of the rewards of building a house is finally seeing some tangible evidence of your personal taste and preferences—like windows:

week 8-9

We spent a lot of time on windows—much of it in the beginning insisting to the architect that all of them (except the few that are decorative/inaccessible) should OPEN. Even after the permit set of plans was issued, we caught several windows still specified as FIXED—argh!

week 8-10

We also debated on and off for weeks about trim color, privacy glass options, grilles, and how to configure the sewing room window.

It may sound simple enough, but on a large ticket item like windows, you’d better be able to sleep at night with your decisions because do-overs are costly.

week 8-11

Anyway, after putting them to rest, it’s gratifying to see all your decisions finally come into the present.

week 8-12



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  1. Thanks! We’re liking it too!

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