In which: we go hard core

Last Thursday when I told my boss we would be getting up at 6:00 a.m. Friday (day off), driving 40 miles north to a furniture store built with the same brick we chose for our house, and taping paint samples to it, his response was, “Now that’s hard core!”

He cracks me up.

Last December, we decided on this color palette for the exterior:

paint 1

We attempted to sort through the colors and assign them to the various exterior components of the house, but nothing was firm. We went to the paint store to collect the single palette, but the only thing offered was this attractive, not-at-all practical, tri-fold brochure with most of the paint chips from our chosen palette measuring less than one inch square:



And so the process came to a grinding halt. I recently explained all this to Rhonda who said not to worry; she could get us 8″ x 11″ samples of everything we needed and she did.

Armed with workable samples, Rhonda, John and I arrived at the furniture store Friday morning around 7:45 and set to work. We found a sunny spot—because we all agreed that if it looks good in full sun it will look good in any light.

Rhonda always knows what to do when we need that extra push to make the final decision. She took over and we immediately eliminated two of the lightest neutrals from the sample pile, which left us with these:

paint 3

John taped them up, along with the color samples for the windows, gutters and metal roof.

paint 4

Referring to the exterior elevations on the plans, Rhonda patiently explained her reasons for using darks and lights in certain locations and helped us narrow the choices of which darks and lights. Then she recorded the color choice for each one on the checklist, which was good, because neither of us had it in us to record any choices on any checklist:

  • siding
  • shutters
  • columns
  • fascia
  • soffit
  • frieze
  • window trim
  • corbels
  • garage doors
  • side doors
  • balcony rail

By the time we left the furniture store, the day was heating up fast, which was the main reason for getting this done early—that, and to avoid traffic.

We returned to the house around 9:15, picked up the boys, and the five of us went out for breakfast. Mission accomplished plus more family time—great day! Going hard core wasn’t so bad after all.



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4 responses to “In which: we go hard core

  1. Rhonda

    I can now check “hard core” off my bucket list. 🙂

  2. For some reason, I cannot “like,” my account seems to have disappeared. Perhaps too much “inactivity”. Sounds like a lovely time and hopefully lovely family time ahead, too. Love the color choices. It is lovely brick!

  3. Thanks, Joni. We are so grateful for Rhonda’s input. We’d be lost without her!

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