Moving along

Lots of activity is happening at the house. Framing is winding down and new crews are showing up to install sheathing and moisture barriers. We also had our first onsite meeting with the project manager and HVAC rep to review placement of heating and A/C returns and supplies, duct runs, and thermostats.

On June 22, we checked out the front door frame just before it was to be stained.

framing week 6-1

On June 23, plywood sheathing appeared

framing week 6-2

along with bunches of hurricane straps and ties

framing week 6-3

framing week 6-4

On June 26, the first Tyvek sheets were installed

framing week 6-5

and framing for the master tub was finished.

framing week 6-6

Here’s a shot of the foyer area without all the sawdust, nails, standing water and cross braces.

framing week 6-7

Framing for the door accessing the storage space beneath the stairs was done.

framing week 6-8

Here’s a shot of the staircase taken from the second floor, again, without the mess.

framing week 6-9


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