Wet and soggy, but not bad

Tropical storm Bill cost two days of progress on the house, which wasn’t bad, considering things could’ve been a lot worse than the four to five inches of rain it dumped. Right now we’re just hoping for an extended dry spell until we get a roof.

On Tuesday, the day before Bill was supposed to dump most of his rain, we drove to the house at lunchtime and saw a guy unloading more building materials from a flatbed truck.

framing week 5-1

framing week 5-2

On Thursday evening, we returned to see how much standing water there was, outside

framing week 5-3

and inside.

framing week 5-4

framing week 5-5

Not bad.

We noticed that some of the sheathing delivered Tuesday had been deposited at random places around the house but none of it had been nailed up.

framing week 5-6

Some sheathing (with the green edges) had been installed in the attic, probably in anticipation of the HVAC installation which follows framing.

framing week 5-7

The area for the attic access was framed.

framing week 5-8

Yesterday we found some of the sheathing nailed up in the back of one of the bedroom closets, in a corner of one of the bedrooms and in the sewing room / office. We’re not exactly sure why because we assumed drywall would go in those places, so we’ll have to investigate.

framing week 5-9

Some of the ceiling joists in the outdoor pavilion were in

framing week 5-10

and, saving the best for last, the most exciting accomplishment this week was the cutting and installation of the curved shape for the upstairs hallway.

framing week 5-11

framing week 5-12


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  1. Rhonda

    The plywood installed on the interior is for a shear wall. This is to counter the effects of lateral loads. This keeps the building strong and rigid in high wind and seismic loads. A good thing.

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