Stain pain

Since last September (1.4 years before scheduled occupancy) we’ve been pressed to choose a stain color for the front and side entry doors.

We waffled, a lot, and finally, after several months of failure to choose, we were given the opportunity to delay the decision until some of the brick on the exterior of the house had been laid—great.

Not surprisingly, that offer was recently rescinded so we’re back to it.

We had received some samples,

stain samples

but they were not on the type of wood we’d chosen for the doors, so we made our own.

Last week John ran over to a place that sells hardwoods and bought a five-foot plank of ash. We split the workload, each of us going to a different place to pick up some stain options.


He spent Saturday applying different stains to the board in one-foot sections.

We took the plank and our bricks over to the house Sunday morning to review the options.


The door will be in shadow most of the time, so that’s where we set up.


I was having trouble processing the different choices in indirect light and finally suggested we move upstairs to be in sunshine, knowing that if it looks good in natural light, it will look good in shadow, under a covered porch.



It was the right decision and we quickly decided on this one:


Next is determining stain color for the kitchen cabinets.


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  1. Which your son is still working on…

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