More rafters, ceiling joists and an archeological find

Another busy week of framing has passed

framing week 4-1

and there are signs the framing crew is wrapping things up, evidenced by a significant amount of job site clean up and a fairly full dumpster.

framing week 4-2

framing week 4-3

framing week 4-4

Here’s a photo of the sewing room with most of the debris cleared away. In the back of the photo, you can see the beginning of the roof over the balcony.

framing week 4-5

The cathedral ceiling in the office/sewing room also took shape.

framing week 4-6

I didn’t really want an elevated ceiling in this room, but a section of roof next to the balcony prevented installation of the windows a foot from the floor like we were able to do in the adjacent sewing room.

framing week 4-7

Here’s the elevation which shows it better than the photo:

sewing-office elevation

Because there is only one wall for windows in that room, the standard bank of rectangular windows didn’t seem sufficient to let in enough natural light so adding an arch component above the bank was suggested. A cathedral ceiling will accommodate the arch. The actual window will look like this:

sewing-office window

The framing for the outdoor fireplace chimney was completed:

framing week 4-8

This stack of particle board (beneath the two sheets of plywood) showed up on Tuesday, but by Friday, none was installed, although most of it had been moved inside.

framing week 4-9

On Friday, Ross found this while hopping across the sewer trenches in the back yard:

framing week 4-10

It’s a piece of concrete sewer pipe for the house that used to occupy the lot. It was used when houses were built in the 1960s. Thankfully, concrete has been replaced by PVC, a substance capable of withstanding shifty soil and expanding tree roots.


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