Rafters and stairs and the bones of a sewing room

Week three of framing saw the beginnings of a roof line

framing week 3-1

and the installation of stairs.

framing week 3-2

The steps are wider at the bottom than at the top. I’m not sure if there is a functional or aesthetic reason for this, but they look nice.

framing week 3-3

At the top of the stairs are two rooms where I will be living spending most of my time once we move in. One of the rooms will have my sewing machine, cutting table, ironing station and design wall. An adjoining room will serve as an office and design area with a desk, work table, computer, printers, quilt books, and storage for fabric and works in progress.

framing week 3-6

Both rooms have windows across the back wall l so I can see outside.

framing week 3-4

The sewing room leads outside to a balcony. In addition to being a nice place to sit when the weather is decent, a door to the outside from the second floor will save lots of trips up and down the stairs when shaking out bathmats, throw rugs, and dust cloths.

framing week 3-7

We also planned for a good-sized storage area with climate control to keep the things that are really important to us (among them being all my handmade Christmas ornaments) safe from Houston’s humidity. Because the room is air conditioned, we will also be able to use our treadmill in it.

framing week 3-5

Here’s a view looking east toward the garage from the A/C storage room.

framing week 3-8


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