Framing: week two

Week two of framing saw the house really starting to take shape.

framing week 2-1

We were surprised and thankful for the progress made this week, particularly after all the rain and flooding we had over Memorial Day weekend.

framing week 2-3

Work on the stairs was started and I noticed that the long strips with the jagged edges looked like wooden prairie points. Can you tell I miss quilting?

Framing for the cased opening between the kitchen and eating/living area was installed (outside the black outline in the photo below).

framing week 2-4

Rafters were installed for the covered porch along the back of the house.

framing week 2-5

One aspect of the house that has me bursting with excitement is a dedicated sewing space joined by an office on the second floor. John jokes that the only time we’ll see one another after we move in is when we’re at work.

framing week 2-6

Top photo: May 23            Bottom photo: May 29

framing week 2-2    framing week 2-7



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2 responses to “Framing: week two

  1. Rhonda

    Wow! What a difference good weather can make. We will be sewing in that fantastic room before you know it. I cannot wait. 🙂

  2. There’s an extra sewing table waiting with your name on it!

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