This week, framing crept into the second floor with the installation of a whole lot of trusses.


The trusses were delivered to the job site premade in lengths specified to our project, the components for them joined together with punched metal plate fasteners. These plates make the joints stronger than using nails would.


This photo looks toward what will become the foyer:


I can think of two little boys who, at one time, would’ve been impressed with the words stamped on these beams:


We are excited about this covered area over the driveway. Since we could not have an attached garage, at least we will have ample cover for unloading groceries when it pours rain, a frequent occurrence here.


The tension cables were also pulled this week. A machine is used to grab the non-anchored end and pull the cable out another 12-18 inches. This adds strength to the concrete foundation.

pulled tension cables

Thanks for checking in.


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