We have a slab! I would’ve posted sooner about this giant step forward, but it took more time than I realized to load, name, file, sort and crop the 96 photos John and I took between the two of us. Watching this was almost as exciting as a baby being born, without all the cuteness.

The concrete pumper was already parked at the job site when we arrived around 7:15 last Friday morning.

concrete 1

About 10 minutes later, the first of many cement trucks rolled down the street (we lost count after six or seven).

concrete 2

The trucks paired up to fill the hopper.

concrete 3

Here comes number three:

concrete 4

concrete 5

concrete 6

About 7:45, the first concrete was delivered to the southeast corner of the house.

concrete 7

The red lines crisscrossing the area are the tension cables which add strength to the slab.

concrete 8

Here’s the first truck at the concrete washout area:

concrete 9

concrete 10

We marveled that none of the workers ever tripped or fell, especially after all the trenches were filled and all the tension cables were covered. How do they do it?

concrete 11

By 8:30, a good amount of concrete had been poured.

concrete 12

The blue tubes are the electrical conduit that will feed power to the kitchen islands.

concrete 13

concrete 14

concrete 15

I had a fun exchange with this worker:

She: Did I get you wet?

Me: No, but I when I first saw you, I thought, “That’s a woman!”

She (laughing): Yeah, we can do it, too!

concrete 16

Pouring the dining room, about 8:50:

concrete 17

Minor traffic jam:

concrete 18

Remembering the St. Louis Arch from the 2013 marching band trip….

concrete 19

This is hard work:

concrete 20

Inserting J bolts (I think):

concrete 21

Pouring the back porch:

concrete 22

The guy in blue standing on the mound in the background operated the remote control for the pumper.

concrete 23

Pouring the space that will become John’s workshop, about 9:25:

concrete 24

This will be a covered parking area over the driveway with a side entrance into the house.

concrete 26

Later that afternoon, around 2:00, we captured some polishing work being done, although I can’t remember why it’s done. I will have to ask Rhonda again.

concrete 27

Nearly 12 hours later, all is quiet:

concrete 29

Up next: framing–as soon as it stops raining buckets every day.


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