Checklist completed

Today, I left this:


and returned to this:

almost home

It took three weeks, but the home inspection fixes for our Colorado house are done except for the sprinkler system which will be handled this weekend by the buyer’s agent. In retrospect, the last three weeks were exceptional—from a spending-time-with-friends perspective—and yet, obnoxiously stressful mixed with long periods of boredom. It’s safe to say I learned just enough to be dangerous as we progress with building our Houston house.

I tried to make good use of my time and worked on some odds and ends for the new house. I recorded the fireplace and mantel dimensions from our Colorado house so John could scale the mantel to the fireplace dimensions in the new house.

fireplace specs

I also took photos of all the kitchen cabinets and drawers in our Colorado house and recorded the items that were stored in each one.

cabinet inventory

I used that inventory compilation to determine where to put things in the new kitchen. Not my idea of fun, but we’re close to a discussion with the builder about how many shelves and pullouts will be needed for each cabinet, so I had to think halfway seriously about arrangement and flow even though we won’t be moving for what, right now, feels like 87 more years.

This morning, John captured workers digging trenches for the foundation beams:

digging trenches

On the way home from the airport, we snapped photos of work being done on the post tensioning cables:

post tensioning cables

After six months of intense pressure to make selections with no corresponding show of progress on the builder’s end, it is a huge relief to finally see that construction is underway.

And tomorrow, I go back to work and to the five best bosses an admin could ever ask for.



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2 responses to “Checklist completed

  1. Rhonda

    The photos and notes on the cabinets will be very helpful at the millwork meeting. Good work I say. Foundation prep looks great. Glad you are home back in Houston.

  2. Glad the foundation prep meets with your approval–they’re already framing the house next door, which means I missed seeing the foundation prep there because I was in Colorado. You may be a guest blogger one of these days as construction rolls on!!

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