Wishing for construction equipment

At our red-line meeting two weeks ago our builder told us that our house and the one next door to where we are living now were next to be started–yay. On Tuesday, the big yellow excavator showed up next door and the only thing we could think was

Why is this large, noisy‌ hunk of machinery not down the street at our lot?

For the last six months we’ve been burning the candle at both ends going to work and then working on our house:

Appliances? Check.

Plumbing fixtures? Check.

Lighting? Check.

Counter tops? Check.

Hardware? Check.

Exterior? Check.

Low voltage? Check.

Windows? Check.

Tile? Check.

Stone? Check.

Flooring? Check.

We’ve been good little soldiers and continue to push through; we are well past ready for some action—let’s get this party started!

This afternoon, we learned that sometimes, when you wish for a large, yellow, noisy hunk of construction equipment to be in your yard, one might just show up:

soil prep1

soil prep2

soil prep3



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4 responses to “Wishing for construction equipment

  1. Jo Ginther

    What a big beautiful yellow machine! Dig away!!!

  2. Rhonda

    Go excavator go, go, go!

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