We just stayed out in the yard

Ross flew in Friday night for spring break. We were happy to see him and grateful for the company.

We took advantage of the extra pair of hands and the break in our endless rainy weather to tackle our poor, neglected, overplanted yard.


Ross helped scrape out some gutter sections


and clipped the dead leaves off one of the palm trees. Then he and John pruned an overgrown crepe myrtle.


We all took turns skimming the pool,


and today Ross ran the mower over the front yard after we bagged two months’ worth of fallen leaves.


In the meantime there was lots of sweeping, scooping, and clipping big sticks into smaller sticks.

The crepe myrtle prunings required a second round of labor: cutting and bundling the branches in the required manner so they will be acceptable for pick up by the trash company.


Even though we don’t enjoy yard work at all, ever, it was good to spend the weekend outside doing something other than making decisions for the new house, construction for which will be starting soon!

Tomorrow is our red-line meeting where we sit down with the builder and project manager to go over the plans with a fine toothed comb, making sure there’s plumbing where we want it, enough lights, electrical outlets and switches, and whatever else we can think of before construction begins.

We are anxious to finally begin to go from this

front elevation

to the real thing.



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2 responses to “We just stayed out in the yard

  1. jo ginther

    WOW, looks like a lot of work!! Do you hire out? Could be a second career for you. Great Job! Actually my window need work too? Hope all are in good health and everything going well. Miss you. -JO

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