Tile homework, part II

Rhonda and I wrapped up all the tile designs for the house on Saturday. As I was completing the tile spreadsheet for the builder I began to wonder if, after all this work, our tile fantasy would become tile reality, as in—will we exceed the allowance?

Rhonda was great at pointing out things like, “If you lay the floor tile this way, you’ll minimize the number of cuts required by the installer,” but even with that, I still hope we haven’t gone so far over the line where it forces us back to square tile one. With so much time and energy invested up to now, the only thing left to do is wait until the estimate comes in and go from there.

I went with white tile everywhere except for the master bathroom which gets a splash of blue.

blue tile

White creates a blank canvas around which you can use any color towel, rug or accessory. More importantly, it wipes out the fear of having to live with a bad color choice; playing it safe here is definitely in order. Fortunately, Rhonda was on board with the white decision as she would have white tile in all her bathrooms as well, which is one reason we are, secretly, twins.

Here are the elevations and their corresponding tile choices—at least until we see the estimate.

bath 2

bath 2b

This impressive 12″ x 35″ ceramic wall tile caught our eye.

bath 2-36

This charming mix called Polar consists of matte and glossy glass tiles combined with ultra white stone. Rhonda and I like the extreme size contrast pairing these 5/8″ minis with the large tile above.

bath 2 tile

John really wanted to include these 2″ white porcelain floor tiles somewhere, so they’ll end up on two of the shower floors.

bath 2 and 4

Rhonda nailed this one first time out. She loved the glossy wave tile and its smooth companion, below, and drew this in fairly short order. She kept me in suspense, not allowing me to see what she was drawing until she was finished.

bath 3

bath 3 tile

In the two options she drew for this bathroom , Rhonda paired the white non-wave tile, above, with the 1″ x 1″ white glass tiles, below.

bath 4

bath 4b

bath 4  tile

For the kitchen, John and I debated a lot about how to tile the wall behind the range top. Everyone was suggesting a herringbone pattern made from 3″ x 6″ white subway tile. I was un-enthused: too common, plus I don’t care for the look of it but was hard-pressed to think of an alternative. Rhonda provided instant clarity by suggesting we mimic here what we did in the master bath:

Turn 12″ x 12″ white ceramic wall tile on point and use a 1″ x 1″ white at the corners.



rangetop tile

The back splash for the remaining perimeter walls in the kitchen uses these cute 3″ x 6″ white subway tiles with slightly uneven edges.

kitchen subway tile

Rhonda drew it both ways so we could see what it would look like with a rise or without one. Doing this made us realize that the standard 4″ rise should be reduced to 3″ in order to eliminate the need for a half row at the top. It is nice when you can get all the math to work. I am one lucky girl to have her in my corner.

kitchen subway

Floor tile placement for the downstairs half bath:


For this area, Rhonda said the tile positioned at the threshold between the kitchen and side entry (circled in red) would probably be the most visible so best to center it in the doorway and let the other tiles fall where they will:

side entry

This is the floor tile and cove base we hope to use. We love the larger 6″ x 12″ base tile as it will mirror the size of the wood baseboards elsewhere in the house.

floor and base tile


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