Closed and underwhelmed

We closed on our construction loan today. I should feel more excited, I suppose, but I don’t. I guess this whole thing was like a wedding. You spend so much time preparing and when the big day arrives, it’s anticlimactic.

I have to say, though, it was CYA on steroids day at the title company with the typical tree farm’s worth of paranoia-permeated paper work and then some. We were instructed to acknowledge statements such as the bank’s lawyers represent the bank, not the borrower, that we must cooperate in the correction of clerical errors made in said paperwork, and we especially liked the affidavit that declared, yes, this really is my signature.

As we drove back to work after the closing, we passed the street with our lot and saw a large green truck in the front yard. We turned the car around to see what was happening and found the tree removal company well underway in clearing the lot.

tree removal

Most of the trees were in bad shape, in bad locations, growing sideways or all of the above. Even with that, it was hard to get too worked up, being in our post-closing stupor and all.

Actually, the best part of my day happened after we got back to work. One of my bosses responded to an email I’d sent him yesterday and I nearly lost it from laughing so hard.

Ah, the little things….


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