In which: we move (and also at warp speed)

So, we’ve been Houston residents for three weeks now and have barely had time to catch our breath. It’s like: move to Houston, work for three weeks and OMG, Thanksgiving is Thursday—OMG, when does Ross’s flight come in?

We got here around 4:00 p.m. on Friday, November 7, just in time for me to catch the pest control guy and for John to zip over to the office to check in. Here’s the conversation he had with the boss:

CEO:   So, how much time would Terri have available to work now that she’s here?

John:    How much time do you want?

CEO:   About 10 hours a day.

And just like that, my job went from part time to full time, but more on that in minute.

The movers arrived at 8:00 a.m. Sunday and worked until 4:00 to unload the van. The weather was perfect. The crew did a good job and they’ll likely be asked back a year from now to take the stuff down the street to the new house.Houston unload

John experienced a significant lifestyle upgrade the same day when the refrigerator was wrestled into the kitchen and plugged in.

This was followed two days later with the connection of our appliances and the day after with the cable installation.

I like my job and four bosses a lot. The job duties are varied enough to prevent one day from looking like the next—a huge plus for someone like me who bores easily.

My biggest hurdle is conquering the technology void in my skill set, created by taking two decades off to raise kids (something I would do again, by the way) having come to grips in the past three weeks of how much one must know just to get through a day at the office.

This void is magnified in an office full of engineers and geologists, all of whom were born with multiple double helix information technology-specific DNA strands just waiting for IBM, Microsoft and Apple to invent hardware and software so they could finally tap that which has been encoded in them for centuries.

So while all the menfolk at the office have more than their fair share of IT DNA, Mother Nature saw fit to skip me entirely when it was time to dole it out. Apparently she didn’t get the memo that in 2014, I would return to the workforce and kindly tuck into my double helix at least one IT gene.

Other than feeling like we’re moving at warp speed mostly due to working for a startup company, John and I are grateful to be spending the better part of each weekday at the office because we don’t enjoy coming home to this:

climate controlled storage1

Here’s my sewing room:

So much for my intention to work on small hand projects until the new house is built.

So much for my intention to work on small hand projects until the new house is built. What was I thinking?



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2 responses to “In which: we move (and also at warp speed)

  1. Need the sewing fairies to come in and set this up so you can relax and do some quilting between now and moving again. Good luck with that!

  2. Best thing I ever did for my low tech IQ was take a Word class at the local community college. Good luck with all the transitions!

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