Colorado wrap up

The movers come tomorrow. Boo.

Through all the last-minute painting,


sorting and purging, things look a wreck, but are still much more organized than our last move—much easier to do this with no kids in tow!

I tore down my sewing room yesterday and today

sewing room tear down

with a little help from the men folk:

Ross is having fun with the cordless drill, removing the top shelf rail.

Ross is having fun with the cordless drill, removing the top shelf rail.

In the last couple weeks, I finished piecing the green lawn chair quilt top,

green lawn chair quilt top

bought a chair for work,

office chair

finished my book,


completed my ballot,


and captured the pink, early morning light on the mountains:


Ross was a big help this weekend, especially with all the heavy items like my design wall, white board and sewing room speakers. Here he is helping John pack up the big pair. Best to do this when it’s just us—before there are too many people in the house.

speaker prep

speaker prep2

I’ll check in when we get to Houston. Thanks for dropping by.



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2 responses to “Colorado wrap up

  1. Jo Ginther

    Sorry-does not look like fun!!! Read “Roses” and it’s other book. Loved them!!!!! Don’t forget to take some breaks for yourself!

  2. Rhonda

    I know you will miss Colorado and all the new friends you have made over the past seven plus years. I will miss my yearly trips Broomfield. But to say that I am super glad you are moving back to Houston is almost an understatement. It will be oodles of fun. I cannot wait. See ya next week.

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