On day nine, we opened windows

We haven’t packed and moved from Colorado yet, but made another trip to Houston early last week and hit the ground running. John had to be at the new company’s office for several meetings and we also met with the architect and builder to review the second pass of our house plans and make more selections.

Kitchen counter tops:


As we walked through the warehouse of counter top samples, our rep pointed to this one and said, “How about this for your downstairs powder room?”


Conservative, take-no-chances me: Seriously?

Her (daring me to step out of my box): Sure! Be bold; be different!

Reluctant me: Mmmm…

As we examined it more closely, I did like the iridescent blue patches in it. Still, it’s much darker than I’d ever like; although I found myself thinking what a cool print this would be on quilter’s cotton.

We chose a five-inch hardwood plank size for the kitchen floor:


Possible front door light:

outdoor light

We’ll probably do gas lighting on the outside. It’s not as bright and it will keep the birds and bugs forever out of the light fixtures.

Possible upstairs bathroom light fixture:

bathroom light

We also picked carpeting, but are waiting for two samples to come in so we can compare their colors in a size larger than 1″ x 4″.


In the meantime, we are getting re-acclimated to living in Houston after being away for almost eight years. Comparatively speaking, our Houston life right now is fairly primitive. Living without a refrigerator and washing machine is definitely a first world problem, but it makes you immensely appreciative of the Industrial Revolution’s contribution to our way of life. I’ll pass on the option of slapping our clothes on a rock down by the bayou in the name of saving the planet, thank you very much.

Rhonda came to our rescue, letting us wash a couple small loads at her house over the weekend.

I’m grateful that we’ll only be living in our interim house for a year or so, especially when attempting to cook in this kitchen:

The empty spot to the left of the microwave is for the refrigerator.

The empty spot to the left of the microwave is for the refrigerator.

After cooking in this kitchen:


Directly opposite the sink is this strange cabinet and counter top configuration.


The shelves in the lower cabinet measure 10½” deep. The counter top above it measures about 12″ deep, but is useless as a prep area because the overhead cabinet comes within 12″ it—definitely a head scratcher.

The other frustrating thing is that of the 20 windows in our Houston home, nine are fixed, meaning they don’t open; never have, never will. Of the remaining 11 that open, only six have screens. Sigh.

But what’s done is done. We picked this house because of its proximity to work as well as to the one we’re building and that’s a pretty big deal in a city of four million people and 80 million cars.

On the bright side, a cool front passed through last night and after being here for more than a week, we finally got to open six windows.


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  1. What the transition this is for you! We put the dark green granite with some garnets in our kitchen and have had absolutely no regrets. Everyone who comes in, loves it.

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