Empty nest

Today we delivered Ross to his dorm at Colorado State University in Fort Collins.


Looking back, it’s all been a bit strange—unexpected, really—as Ross has been on top of all his college prep since we toured the campus last November—no mom or dad required, except when it was time to enter a credit card number. We offered a few opinions when he submitted his housing preferences and John helped him with a couple questions on the drug and alcohol test; otherwise, we’ve remained very hands off. No complaints here, just fascinating to watch.

In the past three weeks, he has packed everything himself, gone shopping for incidentals we couldn’t find during an earlier trip,


cleaned and vacuumed his room, gone through his closet, emptied drawers, dusted his room, thrown stuff away, cleared his gear from the basement and cleaned the bathroom—scorched Earth.

This morning he installed the bike rack onto the back of the car, loaded the car


and secured his bike on the rack.


More than ready. Should I be happy or hurt?

I’ll go with happy.


It was cool to see how excited he was moving in, getting all his stuff set up, meeting his roommate, his RA and his neighbor across the hall, despite the significant downgrade in his living space and square footage. Chalk it up to youthful independence.


But just to make sure we wouldn’t fade too quickly from his memory, I made sure he was fully stocked with these:


Good luck, Ross!


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  1. My son graduated college last fall – but I remember the first semester very well. It was bittersweet! It was even more bittersweet when he found a good job on the other side of the state and had to move though 😦 No more coming home for Christmas or Spring break ::sigh:: Good luck to your son!

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