Independence Day gratitude

Happy Independence Day, everyone. In honor of today, to our founding fathers and the brilliant documents they crafted for us and to all members of the armed services past and present, including our son Eric, I say thank you.

This quilt is a reflection of pride in our country and it hangs proudly in our home today.

5-Star Fourth!

Our son Eric is in the Army serving in Afghanistan right now and I was able to snag a couple photos of him from another soldier’s Facebook page.


I can’t even begin to describe how these photos make me feel because they evoke such a huge range of emotions, encompassing pride, fear, anxiety, patriotism, gratitude and everything in between. I’ll leave it at that.


Enjoy your barbeques, families, friends and fireworks, and if you’re quilting today, enjoy that too with thanks in your heart that we still live in a country where creative pursuits are possible.


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One response to “Independence Day gratitude

  1. Jeri Niksich

    What a handsome young man and you are a brave, loving Mother with all your feelings rolled up. I can only imagine how all this feels but I feel safe with men like your son protecting all of us. Thank You for raising a strong young man serving his country. God Bless.

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