Last night was the senior prom and here is our baby all dressed up, ready to go.


We’re all familiar with the tradition where one component of the guy’s apparel matches the color of his date’s dress. Ross chose not to do that for last year’s prom, but did so this year—apprehensively. He asked me several times if the blue tie was okay, and I finally told him, “Ross, you look great. Blue and silver are a good combination and you have to know that just because you are wearing a light blue tie, it doesn’t make you a girl.”

“It’s important to the girl that she feels part of a couple through wardrobe coordination. You do it probably twice in your whole life: for your high school prom and again for your wedding and then you’re done. Now stop worrying about it; go and have a good time.”

All the kids in the photos that follow are band kids. The girls play flute, Brady plays saxophone, Alex plays euphonium and Ross plays percussion.

We met at the home of one of the flute players to take pictures before the limo arrived. Here are Ross and Carrie arriving.



The girls looked so pretty. I was impressed at how put together they were and how understated their makeup was.

Kelley, Julia, Isabelle and Carrie.

Kelley, Julia, Isabelle and Carrie.


I was proud of Ross that he took the initiative to drive to the florist and order Carrie’s wrist corsage all on his own.


Carrie’s mom, Cindy, and Phyllis, my seat mate on the band bus to St. Louis last fall, check out the limo and the driver, including a near invasion of the driver’s personal space to check for illegal smells.



Julia, Carrie, Ross, Isabelle, Brady, Kelley and Alex.

Julia, Carrie, Ross, Isabelle, Brady, Kelley and Alex.



By the time the limo left, we were all starving and decided to go out for Mexican food.


The kids headed for a restaurant downtown, then to one of the VIP rooms at Sports Authority field for the dance. The after-party was graciously hosted by Carrie’s mom and dad.


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