Proof that we’re boring: we cleaned a light fixture today

Here are this week’s 1930s blocks:


Other than that, sewing and quilting have become back burner activities recently. That viral thing I played hostess to last week didn’t help, plus, I have taken on a volunteer project that is consuming a lot of my time. We are also continuing to do some maintenance and clean up around the house, including today.

dirty bulbs

What’s with the dirty light bulbs?

I always get such a kick out of those home buyers on the TV show House Hunters who insist on vaulted ceilings and gush about all the drama they represent. Okay, fine. But let’s get real and understand that the real drama comes several years after moving in and you realize that the light fixture dangling from that dramatic elevation needs cleaning.


That’s what John and I tackled today.


Fortunately, it wasn’t too daunting, thanks to this cool extension ladder we purchased several years ago at a home show.


Supposedly, this ladder is used by many fire departments across the nation; it’s rock solid and offers lots of adjustments and accessories like platform and leveling attachments, paint can holder—stuff that, hopefully, will prevent you from calling the fire department because you’ve fallen and can’t get up.

All in all, it went pretty well. I was pleasantly surprised, too, as there was not as much dust as I thought there would be and only one or two bugs!

All nice and clean, ready to put back.

All nice and clean, ready to put back.

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