When snowflakes fly sideways…

Sunday snow

…all day Sunday, you make a prototype of the triangle border for your spring quilt.


Electric Quilt offered two cutting options for the isosceles triangles in the border of my spring quilt: rotary cutting or a template.

Here is the rotary cutting diagram it generated:

rotary cutting diagram

Hmmm, cutting to a sixteenth of an inch in both directions and ensuring two 39-degree angles…I’m thinkin’—no.

So I printed the template pieces, one for the five large triangles in each border and one corner and its reverse for the other end,

template pieces

and taped them together with the aid of a light box:

light box

Here are the three templates spliced together and trimmed to include the ¼” seam allowance:


Next, I applied pieces of double stick tape to the backside perimeter of each template. This should hold the template in place on the fabric while cutting around the three sides.

double stick tape 

Here is the prototype:


The length was great, but somewhere I messed up and ended up with these:

bad seam2

bad seam1 

Today I made a second prototype and it turned out well:


I’m now ready to cut into the good fabric and make the border for real.

border fabric

Next post, I’ll show you how I cut out the triangle pieces to conserve fabric and still keep the base of the triangles on the lengthwise grain.

Oh, and here are this week’s Aunt Grace blocks:



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