Pictures are back from the framer

In January, I raved about an exceptional small business in Houston that specializes in custom framing. To read about the items I took to them, click here. It’s interesting to see these items before and after so you can appreciate how well the framer cleaned them up and/or straightened them up before framing.

A few of the finished pictures have started to come back so I thought it would be fun to show you how they turned out.

Here is the pair made from the two hand embroidered pieces we found in my mother-in-law’s linen closet after she died:


Close up of frame and stitching.

Close up of frame and stitching.

John believes that his maternal grandmother or great grandmother made them. They now have a place of honor in his office at home:


Here’s their solution for the little embroidered towel. Originally, I was thinking they would probably cut away most of it and frame the embroidered part, but the framer suggested that it would be a shame to remove all the lovely hemstitching at the bottom and came up with this:


I never would’ve thought to do this, and that’s why this business gets my business.

Now for my favorite. My mom saved two Butterick pattern sheets (dated 1919 and 1923) she found when going through my paternal grandmother’s things after she died. The one on top is for Ladies’ One-Piece Step-In Drawers and the other is for a little boy’s romper, probably made for my dad.

pattern picture1

My concern was that framing them would permanently render one side of both pattern sheets forever invisible—until the framer suggested mounting them between two panes of glass.

Butterick named the instructions “The Deltor.”

Butterick named the instructions “The Deltor.”

Here is the back side:

pattern picture3

And a close up of the back side:

pattern picture4

It was the perfect solution and I’m really happy with the result, including the linen mat framing each sheet. If I ever want to enjoy the reverse side, all I need to do is remove it from the wall—pretty cool!


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