Dealing with distractions

Not much going on around here, accompanied by not much quilting. I’m still highly distracted, keeping up with a high school senior’s end-of-year schedule, spring cleaning in anticipation of an overnight houseguest, and initiating some maintenance on our house, which involves phone calls, emails, estimate gathering and scheduling. I’m not thrilled about the intrusion into our personal space, but it must be done.

I have been working sporadically on my spring quilt, and will take a picture of it when the top is completely pieced.

In the meantime, I am staying true to my promise to keep up with my Aunt Grace blocks:


This week, I finished the second chapter in Electric Quilt’s pieced drawing book featuring the EasyDraw drawing option. EasyDraw is like using graph paper and a pencil—minus the 50 pounds of eraser shavings I would be buried in if I was using real graph paper and a real pencil. Chapter 2 wasn’t as difficult as chapter 1 because I’ve used EasyDraw so much already, but I did learn to use the grid and edit line tools, which I hadn’t bothered with before now.

Required exercises included the drawing of 15 variations of a basket block, these being some of my favorites:

Ch2 basket blocks

To cement the four rules necessary for creating usable paper pieced blocks, the author has you draw house blocks, which bored me, mostly because making a quilt with house blocks sounds rather boring.

Ch2 house block

Then there were some Drunkard’s Path block variations, shown here in quilt layouts because the block is way more interesting when viewed this way:

Ch2 DPath1

Ch2 DPath2

There was a short lesson on drawing a double Irish Chain block,

Ch2 Irish Chain

and Tree of Life blocks

Ch2 TOL blocks

Thanks for stopping by!



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2 responses to “Dealing with distractions

  1. Jo Ginther

    Love all your block examples!!!

  2. Thanks! The software is a lot of fun to use and does way more than I ever realized until starting this book–hope I can keep up with all of it!

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